As my time at the Flatiron School is wrapping up, I want to throw out some random reflections.

After completing my Rails project, I had a vision for what a complete web application looked like and to attain that vision would be to dig deeper into logic, scope, and controllers. The front end in my mind was styling and design. That vision was very naive. After completing the…

The software engineering journey has ramped up quickly. FoodSwiper now has a structure that can be hosted on the web. Building an MVC (Models, Views, Controllers). Sinatra Application was an enlightening process for me. The internet is less of a mysterious toy and more of a tool.

The process of…

Doesn’t that look yummy? Now you don’t need to read reviews and click through dozens of websites to find what you want to eat.

Technology is a tool. It should make our lives simpler and easier. It is not about the amount of information but stripping information away and providing us with the information we need for the moment at hand.

Tinder did this with dating. It stripped the decision point down. Instead of…

Why did you decide to study Software Engineering?

The standard tech dream; build something great, mass market it, get rich, retire early. Thing is, I’ve already accomplished the last two items. I’ve been a follower of the FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) movement for ten years now and finally reached my…

John Ratana

Rock climber, Father, Board Gamer, Coder

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